INTIGRITI CHALLENGE 0221 - BY @holme_sec

Unicodeversity WACK system

Welcome to the Unicodeversity's Well-trusted Assignment Computer Knowledge system, where we primarily focus on your ability to use cool Unicode and not so much on the content of your submissions.

Submit your assignment:

aaaaaaaaaa" placeholder="Assignment title" />

  • This challenge runs from February 15th until February 21nd, 11:59 PM CET
  • Out of all correct submissions, we will draw six winners on February 22nd:
    • Three randomly drawn correct submissions
    • Three best write-ups
  • Every winner gets a €50 swag voucher for our swag shop
  • The winners will be announced on our Twitter profile
  • For every 100 likes, we'll add a tip to announcement tweet
The solution:
  • Should call alert(origin);
  • Should bypass CSP
  • Should require no user-interaction
  • Should work on the latest version of Firefox or Chrome
  • Should leverage a cross site scripting vulnerability on this page
  • Shouldn't be self-XSS or related to MiTM attacks
  • Should be reported at